Chêne & Cie


In September 1997, Henri de PRACOMTAL and his family formed the company “CHÊNE & Cie”, grouping together the cooperages they had bought.


TARANSAUD, founded in 1932 by Roger Taransaud, was purchased from Hennessy in September 1997. It coopers French oak barrels and tanks.


CANTON COOPERAGE, founded in 1939, was purchased in October 1998. It coopers American oak barrels.


KÁDÁR HUNGARY is a joint venture created in February 2008 by Chêne & Cie and Budapesti Kádár, the oldest cooperage in Hungary, property of the Molnar family. It coopers Hungarian oak barrels.


The XTRACHÊNE brand has been the oak alternatives department since 2011.

Chêne Services

Chêne Services provides innovative technical services, supplying technological equipment and monitoring technical parameters. It was created in 2016 within Chêne & Cie. Its activities are dedicated to the control of vinification and wine ageing.

CHÊNE & Cie also offers barrel servicing and distribution activities worldwide.

Research department

The research, expertise and oenology department (Research & Development Department) was created in 2000 and is based near Bordeaux.

Wood supply department

The ‘Wood Supply’ Department for French oak has been part of the company CHÊNE BOIS since 2008.

Our distribution subsidiaries

  • Chêne Australasia in Australia and New Zealand,
  • Chêne South Africa in South Africa,
  • Chêne Chile in Chile,
  • Taransaud North-America in the USA,
  • Chêne Distribution in Europe, which also includes the Used Barrels Department.

In all other wine-producing countries, our distribution is handled by agents or directly by Chêne & Cie’s brands.

Management team